Monday, November 10, 2008

Scott Kesterson's AT WAR ready for release

I got an e-mail from Troy Steward today telling me that he was proud to announce on his blog Bouhammer's Afghan Blog that Scott's film was now ready to go. Below are parts one and two of the AT WAR trailers. I've written before about Scott and his embed with The Red Devil's of 1PPCLI in the summer of 2006. The trailers include some of that footage.

I've read a couple of comments suggesting that Scott is trying to pull a fast one by mixing Canadian Forces footage in with other footage. I know quite a bit about Scott Kesterson, and playing fast and loose with Canadian Forces is not his style. Scott went into battle with The Red Devil's on behalf of an Oregon TV Station which broadcast that footage. In fact Scott's videos of Canadian Forces in combat have received almost 2 million viewings in total on YouTube alone.

Currently, Scott is back in Afghanistan embedded with American troops. His main mission is to get the message out about what soldiers are achieving in Afghanistan. For more information go here: to Troy's announcement. The bottom three videos on his site are clearly labled as the Red Devils.

On this evening before Remember Day, it is most important that we honour all of the Allied Forces fighting for freedom in Afghanistan. I salute Scott Kesterson for his outstanding honest work with soldiers.


teadavid said...

How do I get a copy of the "At War" documentary on DVD?

I have followed what our troops have been doing for a long time and I'm a huge supporter of our troops... even enrolling into projects where we sent parcels to soldiers who we don't know to show our support.

I'm glad someone finally did a documentary on what our Canadian soldiers are really doing- they work hard and fight just as hard as any other solider there and it's about time someone showed the world just what brave, fighting, kill or be killed and hardworking soldiers Canada has.

Please LMK how I can obtain a DVD copy of this production... hoping it average DVD cost???. Thank you.



Alissa said...

I saw a screening of Kesterson's documentary earlier this week and it was fantastic. I lost my youngest brother in Iraq in 2006 and my other brother is heading to Afghanistan in January 2010 with the National Guard. This was the first war "movie" I've watched since his death and it was REALLY hard, but Scott did an AMAZING job. For those of you that have seen it, the orchard seen really moved me.