Thursday, November 13, 2008

Afghan School Girls Sprayed with Acid!!!

The Taliban in a new and ever more perverted method of terrorizing Afghan citizens has stooped to spraying acid in the faces of young girls on their way to school in an effort to keep girls from learning. One of the girls was blinded for life in the attack.

The security situation in Kandahar, where the attacks took place, has been deteriorating in recent months due to an increasing number of attacks on innocent afghan citizens. Kandahar province is the Canadian Forces area of responsibilitiy. The Taliban know they can't take on the CF directly so they target the innocent instead.

Canada's Minister of Defense, Peter McKay is asking NATO once again to pony up with some troops who are willing to fight these scum. (Many NATO troops from other countries are not allowed to fight the Taliban due to caveats in their deployment contracts.)

Warning: The video below is graphic.

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The Freeman said...

I'm not sure how things got this bad since I left, but it seems to me that the Taliban are turning desperate. Not only that but it also shows a shift of their mindset. Maybe their leadership has changed for the worse, and this is the result, a new wave of cruelty. Hunt 'em down, and wipe 'em out is what I say. We can't let them get away with preying on the innocent.