Thursday, November 06, 2008

Canada at War: Normandy

As we approach Rememberance Day on November 11, 2008, it is important to know about the valiant sacrifice made by Canadian Forces members to ensure that our generation enjoys the freedoms that we do today. In the last couple of decades efforts have been made by CBC commissioned 'documentaries' to downplay those sacrifices and in many ways to demonize them.

Finally the government of Canada, historians, artists and others are making an effort to reconnect Canadians with our history and honour these valiant men and women. It's so very important to remember that, now especially, when we have men and women of the Canadian Forces making these same scarifices in Afghanistan, that Freedom isn't Free.

May God bless Canada.

Below is an excellent 50 minute documentary on Canada's role during the invasion of Nazi occupied France.

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