Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Pat Dollard

If you don't know who Pat Dollard is you probably should. Pat was your typical liberal Hollywood Democrat until he started questioning what he was reading in the MSM. So. At 42 he gave up everything he had in his high flying life as a very succesful Hollywood agent to embed with Marines first it The Triangle of Death and then in Al-Anbar province, armed not with a gun but a video camera. He went where the Marines went, ambushes, IED's, MRE's not showering for weeks at a time to record what was actually happening with the Marines in Iraq. He was very nearly killed. He has distilled 700 hours of raw footage into 15 hour long documentary episodes called Young Americans. http://patdollard.com/What follows is his reponse for the Democrats "plan" for Iraq.

Jan 11th 2007

This Civil War is On: In America, Not Iraq

Democratic Senator Dick Durbin’s official response to President Bush’s speech was literally nothing but drivel. And self-contradictory drivel, no less. Which is no mean ****ing feat. Quite an achievement to make just enough sense to contradict yourself. Which means it made just enough sense to reveal the complete bankruptcy of ideas and policies that has left the now literally treasonous Democratic Party unable to serve America, and only able to serve itself.

The Democrats’ months-old overall position on Iraq makes no sense, and therefor relies on, at best, tortured, twisted and tragi-comically shifting logic and arguments. And the biggest problem with their position ( I’d say policies, but they have none other than the domestic political play of retreat, based on an Orwellian Big Brother declaration of defeat, solely in order to have the advantage in the 2008 elections ) is that it is based not on the facts on the ground in Iraq, but instead on a propaganda soundbite, created and promoted as reality by their Propaganda Ministry ( the MSM ): Iraq is in a civil war. This very concept, created by those desperate for it to be so for the sake of political gain, lays the entire foundation for the Democrats’ position. What if it were not true? Well then, the entire Democratic agenda, quite simply a demand for a retreat, would be wrong. And guess ****ing what?

You got it. I was in Ramadi when Al Qaeda blew up the Shia’s golden-domed shrine. They blew it up with the express goals of fomenting a civil war that the Iraqis clearly were not interested in, and to create the resultant American political divisiveness you see today. The entire Jihad movement very closely monitors American politics and media. They are obsessed with it. They understand that the media war is every bit as critical as the ground war. Americans, very naive and with few alternative sources, most often simply believe what they see and hear in the media, not understanding the media’s motives and manipulations, nor how the media itself has been manipulated. When the Dome was blown up, nearly all Iraqis knew it was Zarqwai and weren’t taking the bait. Meanwhile, I watched as the MSM reported on protests in Ramadi that were not happening. They reported on many phantom events in Ramadi, including the overrunning of the Ramadi Government Center, while I stood in the middle of it, with nary a shot fired all day. Were they lying about the protests? One way or another, by intent or negligence, they were. And let’s not forget, every crime has a motive. The media’s motive is to promote defeat in order to get their client, the Democratic Party, elected. ( The time for mincing words is long gone, there is too much at stake. Treason is as treason does. )

By the time the Dome blew, years had transpired without any broad civil war sentiment or activity, in an Iraq in which 90% of the households have automatic weapons. Nor did that change after the Dome blew. As armed as all Iraqis are, if the civil war game was on, we would see it as clearly as we see the hands at the ends of our arms. Instead all that we see are the violent acts of limited, special-interest sectarian gangs, comprised primarily of, well, gangsters and not the average Iraqi. Shiite and Sunni thugs ( Al Sadr of course amongst them ) used the event to whip up as many potential gang-recruits as they could, and then to go for broke with the violence and seemingly sectarian neighborhood cleansing. And it was sectarian, but sectarian only as it related to gang warfare.

And that is what we are seeing in Iraq - widespread but limited, organized gang turf wars, not the broad, populist, armed movement that is the true definition of a civil war. As it has always been from the beginning, we are not fighting the people of Iraq, we are not fighting a populist insurgency, we are fighting criminal gangs. The people of Iraq, in fact, would like to see democracy, capitalism and modern education flower in their homeland. This is why they vote in greater percentages than we Americans.

The second biggest flaw in the Democrats’ position is the illogical and self-contradictory essence of both their arguments and operating principles. They say the solution in Iraq is political, not just military, so we should retreat. This makes absolutely no sense, or can only make sense to a facile, child-like mind. The problem with their position is astoundingly simple: no political solution is possible without the military strength to implement and protect it. Their positions are at cross-purposes. You simply cannot implement a stable political infrastructure by first eliminating the effective military force that is any such infrastructure’s lifeblood. It’s like removing the amniotic fluid from a womb: the baby is not going to grow. It is going to die.

Their position is nothing short of lunacy. The Democrats have left themselves nothing but such lunactic positions, because their goals for Iraq have nothing to do with what is best for the peace and security of the United States and the world. Their goals for Iraq only have to do with what is best for the Democratic Party: make the Republican Party look bad. And the best way to do that is to make Iraq an American defeat. I have never seen such widespread naked treason, such absolute evil, in all my 42 years. They and the MSM have tunnelvision: they only care about selling their Big Brother, false script of defeat to the American people; for years they have been in a frenzy to sell this war as Vietnam - for personal gain - and now that frenzy is at a fever pitch. In their minds, they cannot, and will not, be stopped. But good people have stopped worse. We can still prevail over the American insurgents that we are now forced to fight. Their positions are so illogical and tortured because it is very hard to make what is bad for America, and indeed what will ultimately be fatal to many Americans, look good for America. This is why you keep shaking your head when you hear the Dems and the MSM speak about this war. Because just as it made no sense for Big Brother to declare “War is Peace” it makes no sense for them to declare that what is bad for America is actually good for America.

And perhaps the final problem with the Democrats’ position I will just touch on here, but will elaborate on later. Their entire posititon is completely devoid of the concept of consequences. Nowhere do they analyze for us, let alone even address, the consequences of a U.S. retreat from Iraq. It is because those consequences are almost certainly a fresh wave of civilian casualties on American soil, at the hands of Jihadis who will then have substantial portions of Iraq’s resources to use for those attacks, as well as the freedom from focusing on Iraq and the resultant freedom to focus on our homeland. They do not want you to know this, because if you do, you will not support a U.S. retreat from Iraq. Yes, they are evil. It sounds crazy, but no other word bears as legitimate a description of their behavior. They rely on us shying from such extreme language, even though it is the truest language, out of our own fear of undercutting our credibility. Credibility is not lost by operating in the extremes, it is lost by operating outside of the truth. The contemporary Democratic Party has become the most malignant internal cancer to eat at the body of America, in the history of America.Yes, clearly the Civil War is on in America.

And to quote one of the left’s own icons, Michael Stipe of REM, “The time to rise has been engaged”.