Friday, November 06, 2009

Massacre at Fort Hood - Killeen, Texas, USA

Above, a medic salutes. A first responder to a lone gunman's attack at Fort Hood Nov. 5 renders honors at retreat after aiding his fellow soldiers. U.S. Army photo

The following is from the founder of the Facebook cause: Remembering Our Fallen Soldiers

Corporal Tobin, (RCAF) and I along with all of our members of Remembering Our Fallen Soldiers , (cause on Facebook), would like President Obama, and all American citizens everywhere that we are deeply saddened and shocked about today's events.

All of us send our deepest sympathies to all of the families and friends of these fallen heroes. We pray and hope that family members and friends of these slain precious people would be comforted in the days, weeks and months to come. Also that everybody's needs would be met, either for finances, looking after the children, or just living each and every day.

Our thoughts and prayers also lie with the 31 people that were critically injured. We pray that while you are lying in your hospital bed, that you will be aware that we Canadians, really do love and cherish our neighbours to the south of us.

We also pray that your broken bodies and broken spirits would be completely healed, that your relatives would also be healed during the difficult days that lie ahead.

May God bless each and every single person that was touched by these scenes of carnage and absolute horror.

Respectfully yours,

for Corporal Tobin- Royal Canadian Air Force (creator)
Rebecca Leah Duesbury- administrator

I've just joined this wonderful group of Canadians and you can too here

Hat tip Soldier’s Angels .

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Pattie Matheson said...

What a wonderful sentiment. Just goes to show you that people are people, no matter the country, color, or code. We can all understand the pain of loss.