Monday, November 02, 2009

Hallmark Canada Introduces Canadian Hero Cards

The life of a soldier deployed overseas can be hard and lonely, but Canadians can brighten their day with a new card-writing campaign.

Hallmark Canada has introduced Canadian Hero cards to encourage people to write to the troops, even if they don't know someone stationed overseas.

"It's a great morale boost for them to know we are thinking about them and supporting them. This is what the troops need when they're lonely and away from home," said Barbara Macisaac, the first vice-president of the Ladies Auxiliary Ontario Command, Royal Canadian Legion, who has two family members currently serving overseas.

People can write the troops about what is going on in their home town, tell them how badly the Maple Leafs are doing or about the latest politician to embarrass themselves.

"Few things mean more to our men and women overseas than hearing from their fellow Canadians," said Lt.-Col. James Peverley, director of deployment support for the Canadian Forces Personnel and Family Support Services.

"The knowledge that their contribution is appreciated and is making a difference is a primary motivating factor."

There are six cards in English and two in French, said Dan Bengert, with Hallmark Canada.

"The line was developed by consumer demand," he said.

Each card costs $2.69, but can be picked up for free at Hallmark Gold Crown stores between Nov. 9 and 11.

One of the cards in the series says, "Saving our country has taken you far away, but your place at home is always filled with pride and love every day until you come home again," and shows two empty rocking chairs on a porch.

"Canadians are concerned about people protecting our freedom and serving in the Canadian Forces," said Patrick Carr, vice-president of marketing for Hallmark Canada.

"The war in Afghanistan is in the news and on everyone's minds. Canadians want to let people in the Forces know that their efforts are appreciated, that their sacrifices are noticed and that we are all grateful."

You can write to the troops here . The website includes a number of addresses that cards can be sent to Afghanistan, as well as Sarajevo, Congo, Golan Heights, Haiti and more.

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