Thursday, July 16, 2009

Old Blue is back in Afghanistan

As of Monday July 13, Old Blue a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom embarked on his second tour in Afghanistan. On his first tour, he was an embedded advisor with the Afghan National Police in Kapisa and Nuristan Provinces.

After being trained in the AirLand Doctrine of the cold war he found himself in a counterinsurgency fight; so he had to learn a new way of warfare. He developed such exemplary counterinsurgency (COIN)skills that he was asked to return to Afghanistan to help use his COIN experience to do what he can to help speed success.

During his first tour he wrote eloquently about his experiences on his blog Bill and Bob's Excellent Afghan Adventures. When I first stumbled upon his blog I was virtually hypnotized by his ability to convey what he was seeing in words. He is a true Warrior Wordsmith and in my mind one of the most important writers of his time.

I'm lucky enough to count him as a friend now, albeit a long distance one. I urge anyone who wants to understand the War in Afghanistan to follow him at his new blog Afghan Quest

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Ky Woman said...

Wordsmith, he is indeed.

He's lucky he has you as another staunch supporter and now friend...

Thanks, Membrain.