Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Remember - Tribute to Canadian Soldiers

The story of a courageous Canadian soldier and how he wishes to be remembered. Song Title: Remember Written and Performed by: Peter Briand and Jim Murrant from Cobourg, Ontario. Recorded by: Kyle Merkley

Kyle sent this to me in a Gmail and I really appreciate it. It warms my heart that Candadians are writing tribute songs to the troops serving so valiantly in Afghanistan. Terry Draper from Klaatu and now this. I think it's about time for Stompin' Tom, a Proud Canadian, to come out with one. That would be great. A friend of mine, who was in our first band together back in the day, and I, are in the midst of writing our own tribute tunes.

The Highway of Heroes phenomenon that sprung up spontaneously is so very, very moving. It has been recognized in Britain, Australia and the US as fitting way to honour our Fallen Warriors. A beautiful outpouring of support and grief for the families and friends of their Soldiers.

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