Thursday, May 28, 2009

Scott Kesterson's AT WAR Reviewed

Blue, an American Senior NCO and Afghan War veteran finally got his personal copy from Scott. He watched it by himself and was glad he did because he pronounced it "Stunning!"

He writes: "Kesterson captures the Canadians doing a fantastic job as well. He captures Canadians advising and as maneuver forces, showing that the Afghan experience is the Afghan experience, not just an American Afghan experience. The Canadians do themselves proud, and Scott Kesterson's videography captures it."

As far as I know from listening to an interview of Scott by Troy Steward on You Served Radio, plans are to release AT WAR on DVD sometime in June.

As Blue writes: "Afghan veterans, beware; this film may kick your ass. For those who want to get a sense of what it's like, "At War" is the best you can do without deploying."

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