Tuesday, May 26, 2009

God Bless Canada

Last month I recieved in PowerPoint format in an email through some military links I have, the powerful tribute below. What's especially amazing about this is that it was made by Americans as a tribute to our Soldiers in Afghanistan. What a beautiful gesture it was for Lee Greenwood to re-record his hit song in honour of Canadian Soldiers.

An ex-pat Canadian living in the States sent me an email on Memorial Day and I thought to look and see if someone had transfered it to YouTube and here it is. I watched the Memorial Day Concert from Washington DC on PBS on Sunday and was very moved. That was followed by an excellent documentary about The United States Marines.
Yesterday, again on PBS I watched a great documentary about the WWII Memorial in DC and thought it a fitting way to celebrate that day with our friends.

I hope you enjoy Lee Greenwood's God Bless Canada as much as I do.

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