Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Scott Kesterton's 3rd Afghanistan Embed

Scott Kesterson, the prize winning American photo journalist who, back in the summer of 2006, captured the first footage of the Canadian Army in combat since the Korean War, is back in Afghanistan for his third embed with US Forces. He also plans to meet up with the Canadian Forces in the south later on if he can get the paper work through.

His main focus this time, as it was last fall, is the Gardez area of operations. Scott has taken an array of new toys with him this time to help him spread the news more quickly and efficiently. The main piece of technology that has really proved beneficial and came as somewhat of a surprise to him is his Blackberry which he describes as "huge addition to solid reporting". The Blackberry "exceeds satellite phone coverage" in it's capacity to hook up from just about anywhere in Afghanistan.

I got an e-mail from Scott today inviting me to join his Twitter list which means I'm going to have to learn to Tweet. (It had to happen.) Scott will be working closely with Troy Steward of during this embed. Troy has already recorded his first podcast of this embed with Scott at Bouhammer's Afghan and Military Blog while he is busy preparing for the upcoming Milblog Conference in Washington D.C.

Troy plans to screen Scott and David Leeson's documentary AT WAR , at the conference with live commentary by Scott broadcast from Afghanistan. This will be huge. AT WAR is an important documentary without the usual scripted bits that regular documentaries are framed around. Scott stays true to his photo-journalistic roots and with no political agenda lets the players speak for themselves.

Check out Scott’s first podcast from his third embed in Afghanistan, and Troy's 10th podcast at


Haole Wahine said...

Scott has become a twitter fanatic, so you'll hit the ground tweeting.

A hint, pull up a Firefox tab just for Scott's tweets.

I look at twitter as an updated ticker tape. Scott's Tweets would make a full ticker tape parade all on his own. LOL But still the blackberry needs recharging, before Scott.

Let us know when you are TweetLinked.

membrain said...

Thanks for the tips HW. I just stared following you on Twitter. I can't use Firefox because it interferes with a website I need for work.