Thursday, August 18, 2005

Canada's Viability as a Country is in Serious Doubt

Canada's Viability as a Country is in Serious Doubt
It almost seems as if the foolish dithering prime minister of Canada Paul Martin, has deliberately set up the cogs in motion for the dissolution of Canada. Certainly his appointment of a Haittian born CBC news reader, with dual French and Canadian citizenship, if is as researched as he contends then he has just dealt a strong hand to Quebec sepratists and former terrorist who are part of her social circle.

In western Canada more and more young people are considering the prospect of separation due to feelings of alienation by the government in Ottawa which is put in power by the politically challenged voters of Ontario.

Whereas once Pierre Trudeau a strong, charismatic ( but wrong headed) prime minister fought for a strong federal government, the current prime minister Mr. Dithers has a day dream of something he calls "asymetric federalism" which leaves little room for a strong country called Canada.

In liberal circles it is equated with racism to pronounce your pride in Canada's proud history during the wars. I'm sad to say that I can find little left to be proud of in the current Canadian political climate and I believe that the country is inevitably drifting apart.

It seems Peter Worthington has come to the same conclusion:

More and more I have come to the conclusion that we would be better off as part of the United States. Think of the economic juggernaut that would create!

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firedawg said...

Hang in we are going to hit our stride real soon.

I see all sorts of positives happening.