Friday, August 05, 2005

Boots in Baghdad

As I've mentioned before, I started my occasional blogging, when I was made aware of a Soldier's Blog hosted by Blogger and the only way to comment on their posts was to register at Blogger. That gave me an opportunity to start this blog, which is no great shakes I admit. Hell, I can't even figure out how to get my profile, which arbitrarily decided to relocate to the bottom of the page, back to the top of the page.

Which brings me to the subject of a remarkable young man, Spc. Miner, an infantry Soldier serving in Iraq. Baghdad to be exact. Which is why his blog is called 'Boots in Baghdad'.

Spc. Miner is what is in military parlance known as a Grunt. He's an Infantry Soldier at the pointy end of the stick, doing daily patrols in Baghdad. And he still finds the time to blog!!! And his optimism is infectious.

And it's not just an ordinary run of the mil (pun intended) blog. It's an ambitous, creative, well produced blog that has a component for pictures; another recently created for videos, and I see today he's posted a song written and performed by one of his mates.

Many people, too many, think that Soldiers who sign on to do grunt work are too stupid to do anything else. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Spc. Miner is a shining example of that. He is thoughtful, caring, courageous, and intelligent. He is man who is goin places. You only have to vist his blog to see that.

Previously I have written in praise of American Soldiers and I'm proud to do so again. I'm a Canadian who is proud to have served in the Armed Forces of my country and I have a soft spot in my heart for Soldiers both Canadian and American, it's just that I've not found a Canadian Soldier blog to discuss.

We are in a war whether you want to believe it or not, for our very civilization. Thank God for the likes of Spc. Miner who describes his bog thus:

"I am a twenty-two year old National Guard Infantryman serving in Baghdad. I've been in Iraq for nine months now. As hard and discouraging as it can be at times... there is no where else I would rather be at this stage in my life. I am sharing my experiences in an effort to portray to anyone interested what life is like here for American soldiers. Please keep in mind that the views and opinions I may share are mine and mine alone. I do not speak for my unit, the National Guard, the United States Army, the Department of Defense or any other governmental agency within or affiliated with the United States."

I encourage you to visit his blog:


DC Legs said...

Thanks membrain. Boots is, and has always been, going places. God bless you for linking to his blog.

Jackie said...

just a quick note...
i had the same problem...
one of your posts may have a link that is too long and is causing the page to reformat itself.

You might want to try editing some of your posts. However if you know ANY html code you can edit it that way better.

Thanks for posting though - I came across your blog on the comments of Rustin Curriers blog.
And I will be reading Thunder6's blog also.