Friday, January 07, 2005

The Coming Elections

I started this blog because I came a cross the most amazing blog by a soldier in Iraq, called My War. Creating a blog was the only way to post a comment. He has since stopped posting but their are many others that I have been following. My favourite Soldier's Blog currently is The Questing Cat, a First Infantry Division Soldier.

I found out about both of these blogs from Iraq theModel, an award winning blog by 3 Sunni Arab brothers who started it because they could after the Fall of Saddam. It has grown to be world renowned and the brothers have started their own party which is registered for the election coming January 30, 2005.

Reading these blogs you get a completely different perspective on what is really happening in Iraq from the picture of doom and gloom painted by the main stream media. People in Iraq are anxious for the elections and unlike what the media would have us believe want them held on time, not postponed. The Iraqi's are brave people who will vote even under threat of death.

You can get a diferrent take on the war at the following sites:

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