Tuesday, January 18, 2005


I'll be damned, but he's back, and with a cryptic post from Rambo and a message to stay tuned which I definetely will. He's the US soldier who started bloggin from Iraq and then was forced to shut down. He started a trend and while there are a lot of Milblogs now, the only one that can compare is The Questing Cat. To see what all the fuss was about go here: http://cbftw.blogspot.com/ and search the archives for the post titled 'Men in Black'. Not long after that post he was ordered to have his posts vettted by his platoon sergeant which watered down his stream of consience style until he finally stopped posting in September 2004.

His blog was originally called My War: Fear and Loathing in Iraq. He's a fan of Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, hense the title. He's had offers from publishers and the hollywood crowd. I'm glad he's back, and apparently in one piece. He was in the Stryker Brigade stationed in Mosul which has been hell on earth lately.

The elections are 13 days away. We'll see what we will see.

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USAgrannyPajamahadeen said...

Hi membrain.

CBFTW was not the first milblog far from it. But he was one of the first to draw huge attention because of his style and compelling writing.
There were quite a few soldiers blogs right from the start of the war. For instance one that I read daily was Chief Wiggles who started a charity for toys for the children of Iraq, that took off and is probably still going on.

There was Sgt Stryker Boots On The GroundThose are just a few that I can think of right off the top of my head. There were many more.