Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bards of War


AFGHANISTAN. Your job is to build an Army to fight an enemy who attacks from the shadows and rarely shows his face. Your life is defined by a small firebase at the end of a long suply chain where daily survival is a test of your wits and your skills as a soldier.

Bards of War is the compelling and tense story that chronicles a small group of US and Candian soldiers tasked with a mission of seemiingly impossible odds. Shot and directed by award winning photographer, Scott Kesterson, Bards of War is a gritty, dirty, chaotic ride into a rarely seen glimpse of war through a soldier's eyes. It is the story of men of spirit and perseverance who were given the difficult assignments with only one expectation… succeed.

Bards of War sets a new standard for combat photography and combat reality. Currently in post-production, Bards of War is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2012.

You can listen to Scott talk about Bards of War on You Served Radio starting at 08:55 for his introduction by Troy Steward. Or, if you want to skip directly to the part where Scott talks about the impact of his embed with Canadian Soldiers seving with the PPCLI, go to 37:09. This episode of You Served Radio cand be found here

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