Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The French Forces in Combat in Afhanistan

The French have taken over parts of Kapisa province fom the Americans. In 2007 when Blue was there as part of a Police Mentoring Team (PMT) he wrote Working With Afghans is a Trip on his blog Bill and Bob's Excellent Afghan Adventures. Back then FOB Morales-Frazier was only a sparsly populated Firebase run by the Americans. Now, under the French it is more like a small town full of French and Afghan National Army Soldiers.

The French have been much maligned in the past for not taking an active part in the fight. That is no longer the case. I was made aware of the above video, part 8 of a 9 part series, by my friend KY Woman The French are in this to win. Now if only we get to the Germans.

What is written below is taken directly from the YouTube commentary. Some of the things mentioned below are from other segments of the documentary which is well worth watching in it's entirety.

The Battle of Alasay valley March 14 to March 24, 2009

The Alasay valley near Tagab in the Kapisa had to be taken from the Taliban.
The operation was called «Nan-E-Shab Berun» (which means « Dinner Out »).

Result : Coalition victory; Taliban retreat.
Commanders : Colonel Le Nen (France) and Colonel Hussein (Afghanistan).
Coalition : France 1 KIA, 1 WIA ANA : 6 WIA.
Taliban : 35 killed confirmed (70 supposed) ; 40 wounded confirmed (80 supposed).
800 men (and women in the French Army) Afghan National Army (ANA) and French Forces fought against the Talibans during this operation. They had amazing US AirForce A-10 air support (firing 30mm "Death Burp on the Insurgents). Most of the French Forces were from the French 27th « Alpine Hunters » Mountain Infantry Brigade. The report is focused on these guys, who they are, where they're from, their civil life, their families, their motivations and their soldier life in A-stan.

Highlights :

Some ScientificArmy Police (Gendarmerie) are sent to help Coalition Forces to discover some evidences using Scientific Police know-how like Biometric Digital Cameras connected through satellite to Most Wanted Bad Guys list and taking and analyzing DNA samples.
IED (Explosive Device) discovery and dismanteling by Legion Etrangère (French Foreign Legion).
Metal Detectors to find ammunitions buried on the ground by the Talibans (film shows the discovery of Chinese-made 82mm Rockets Ammos).
Insurgents dressed in civil clothes filmed just before they attacked the Coalition Forces.
Amazing US AirForce A-10 air support firing 30mm "Death Burp on the Insurgents.
French lauching rain of Milan Missiles against the Taliban positions.
VAB driver KIA body recovery. Driver was killed by a rocket hit the front window of « Charlie 20 », an Armored Personnel Carrier (23 Y.O. VAB driver). A rescue team was sent (Night Vision Shots) to recover the body by night.

R.I.P. To Caporal-Chef Nicolas Belda - 27th French Alpine Hunters (23 Y.O. KIA).


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