Monday, January 26, 2009

Scott Kesterson takes AT WAR to Edmonton PPCLI

Last week, Scott Kesterson was in Edmonton for a special screening of AT WAR with the Canadian soldiers from Princess Patricia’s Light Infantry (PPCLI) as announced by Troy Steward at Bouhammer's Afghan and Military Blog . He met with the original platoon that he was embedded with back in July 2006, 2 Plt, A Company, PPCLI, on Tuesday night for a private screening, and subsequently presented AT WAR in a public screening at the PPCLI headquarters building last Thurdsay, 22 January 2009, at 7pm. The event was covered by CBC. Their coverage will air this week in conjunction with a feature mini-documentary CBC produced on the story of David Leeson and Scott Kesterson and the making of AT WAR.

Here is Troy's first one-on-one interview podcast featured on This interview was conducted with freelance journalist, embedded reporter and filmmaker, Scott Kesterson. They talk almost exclusively about his film, AT WAR, but also dive into the current state of the war in Afghanistan.

Click Here to listen to Interview with AT WAR Filmmaker, Scott Kesterson

Below is an excerpt from AT WAR.

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