Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The demise of KABOOM: A Soldier's War Journal

Those of us who were addicted to our fix of LT G and The Gravediggers were dismayed to find that the Army bureaucrats forced him to shut down his blog and delete all the files. Why? Because he refused take the position of XO (Exceutive Officer) and wrote about it. He usually had all of his posts vetted but not this time. His fiancee, City Girl took over the reins and is keeping us in the loop 2nd hand.

Lt G has since been promoted to Captain and is still with The Gravediggers. Obviously they realize what a superb officer he is. He now has an LT of his very own. Not only is he a superb officer he's an absolutely brilliant writer with a wicked sense of humor.

After 7 months in Iraq with no serious injuries to The Gravediggers PV2 Hotwheels was filling a generator with gasoline when he was accidentally set on fire. (In Iraq you can't shut down a generator to re-fuel it because so much depends on it.) You can check on his condition here: (

For anyone interested in what all the fuss was about KABOOM, there's a way find out. While the Army can force CPT G to shut down his blog and delete all the files; they can't do the same with Google which keeps a cache version of it here:

Hi final blog entry on June 27, 2008 received an astounding 159 comments. I've also put a link to the archives on the right. If you like to read good writing and haven't read him you owe it to yourself to read KABOOM from the very beginning.

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