Thursday, September 14, 2006

Canadian Forces Deal Taliban Another Blow in Kandahar

Operation Medusa nets another 186 Taliban; initial report of bombmaking cell in Kabul confirmed

The Taliban in the Panjwai district west of Kandahar City have suffered another round of massive casualties. The Royal Canadian Regiment, combined with Coalition air power, killed 186 Taliban fighters dug into fixed positions in the Pashmul region during two sperate engagements, bringing the nine day total of over 510 Taliban killed and 80 captured in 8 days of Operation Medusa. These are massive losses for a Taliban force estimated at around 10,000 fighters (12,000 by the Taliban's own count). The Canadian Army has suffered 5 killed in combat of the course of the week.

Elements of the Royal Canadian Regiment are now digging into the Panjwai and Zhari districts, indicating they will remain in the region. This will benefit the military situation in the short term by allowing for more flexibility and a permanent security presence in region, as well as facilitate the reconstruction mission in the future, an important component in restoring stability in the region.

In the past three days since the above action, the RCR has captured 65% of the region while meeting little to no resistance. The Taliban have run away. Formerly, according to Bill Roggio, the Taliban were fighting at the company and platoon level.

What does this mean? Well it would have been better had they stood their ground and let us kill them. But having them cut and run will hurt their reputation in the eyes of the people of Afghanistan.

More importantly, they left behind; intelligence, weapons, medicine, and ammunition all of which are of great value to terrorists. There is a distinct element of fear associated with their a running away. Fear is contagious. God bless The Royal Canadian Regiment. Death to the Taliban. (I've always wanted to say that.)

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