Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Meet Major K

Major K is an intellgence officer with the American Infantry Brigade in which Coporal Glenn Watkins served and died. This is from Major K's blog:
April 17, 2005

Ladies & Gentlemen, We got 'em!

I am finally able to post this one because I now have reasonable certainty that we have all off the scumbags involved in the killing of CPL Watkins in custody. They all went down without a fight when we burst through their doors in the middle of the night. We got the first 2 about a week ago and have since rounded up the others. I hope that CPL Watkins is pleased with us as he looks down from above. These cowards are going for a nice long stay in Abu Ghurayb Prison. It took a while to drill down the details but the wait was so worth it. Most of the time, I hate being the Battalion Intelligence Officer, as I am an infantryman by training and most of my experience. Times like these, however, it is a great job, as not only do I head up the detective work that goes into catching these guys, but I get to go through the door with the assault team on the raid that bags them. The bigger fight is far from over, however, and after another 28 hour shift on the job, I conked out for about 3 hours to be awakened by fresh developments from informants. I woke, worked again for another 20 minutes to provide guidance to my staff and then conked back out. That was a few days ago. We are back to the grind looking for other scumbags, like the ones that killed a guy from our sister battalion here on the FOB. I hate RPG's. Back to Work!

Read more from Major K here: http://strengthandhonor.typepad.com/


Rob said...

Wait, wait...
I just read your profile-
Does that say "Canadian Conservative"?? Wow- It's a good thing I don't pay attention to what I get from the news. I didn't think there were any of you left!

On another note- If Canada's not treating their soldiers right, then shame all over them. Your countrymen have kicked a** every time it came down to brass tacks, and have (to my knowlege..) always performed with honor and distinction.

We have one Canadian Officer where I work, and both he and his predecessor have served as fine examples of the Candian Armed Forces.
Oh.. They can drink us under the table too.
Canadian livers must be a tougher than shoe leather.

Leap Frog said...

Hey nice to see you back bloging membrain!
Your support for this great idea is wonderful. Will be checking back, thanks.

Nice pic Rob, hee hee! We got a resident troll on ITM by the name of john who brings this image to mind when he spews his verbose leftist crap.